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Unexpected Self-Care

Sometimes we are in such a rush, we get out in front of ourselves and lose touch with the present moment. That can look like skipping out on basic needs like food, water, rest, exercise, or even going to the bathroom! We become so engrossed in completing our to do lists that we forget to check in, attend to our needs, recognize opportunities to appreciate our surroundings, and express gratitude to the people that matter most to us.

The ability to seize these moments, lean into them and take a breath helps facilitate resiliency. These small moments can create a sense of balance, grounding and connection; all vital for our survival and wellbeing.

A few months back I was in a chronic hurried state of mind. I had known for some time that the pace and demand was not sustainable and I was finally ready to make some big leaps of faith. Guardian Wellness was just being established and I was transitioning away from an agency and team I adored. It was overwhelming, sometimes feeling impossible, impracticable and even scary.

After a particularly difficult day I needed comfort…for me that is in nature. Listening to myself I drove to the bosque for a walk. A few minutes in I came upon this tree swing. It was a welcome sight and in under two minutes I was giggling and filled with child like enjoyment! I happily continued my walk but made a loop back to get a little more swing time in!

I am quite certain that we are always going to have a list of demands and priorities that we cannot possibly complete. Learning to be comfortable with an “in progress” status gives us a little more room to navigate, teaches us how to be responsive and flexible. So next time you see a random tree swing…swing on it! 🙂 ~Andie

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